Annual Meeting April 16th 2015

The Meeting was brought to order by Chairman Alois Mayer 6:00 P.M.

The Clerk verified that the OPEN MEETING notices were posted on March 30, 2015 on the  Town of Monroe website, at the Monroe Town Hall, Recycling Center,  at East Side Farm Equip, at Helena Chemical, on WEKZ and in the Agenda Column of the Monroe Times.  .

Present: Alois Mayer, Todd Hasse,  Chad Spotts, Francy  Bieneman,  Karen Sutter,   Also  Jim Schindler, Jacob Scherer, & Phil Vosberg.

Minutes of the  April 16, 2014  Annual Meeting were read by the Clerk..  Motion by  Jacob Scherer, seconded by Jim Schindler  to accept.  Motion carried.

The 2014 Financial Statement of the Town of Monroe, compiled by Clerk Karen Sutter, covering cash receipts & disbursements, was passed out.  Motion by Jim Schindler, seconded by  Jacob Scherer, to accept the Financial Statement Report.  Motion carried.

Current fees charged by the Township for licenses issued by the Clerk were discussed. Motion by  Alois Mayer,  seconded by  Chad Spots, to leave all the  license fees the same. Motion carried.

           Cemeteries were discussed. Motion by Todd Hasse, seconded by Jacob Scherer  to continue to have Iliff  Cemetery (Hiway 81) mowed by Alois Mayer, and  Benkert Bushnell (Argus) Cemetery ( Co. Hwy N) mowed by Dan Neuenschwander. Motion carried.

 .Motion by  Francy Bieneman, seconded by Jim Schindler, to authorize the Town Board to spend Town monies to maintain roads & equipment, authorize the Town Board to dispose of real and personal property, and to handle any business coming before the Board concerning the Town, itís properties, and  the people of the Town.  Yes 8  No 0   Motion carried.

Motion by Phil Vosberg,  seconded by Jacob Scherer to set the date of the 2016 Annual Meeting as the third Thursday night of April,  2016, at 6:00 PM, with the regular monthly business meeting to follow.  Motion carried.

..With no further business to transact, a motion for adjournment was made by  Todd Hasse,  seconded by Chad Spotts. Motion carried. 


Karen Sutter